John Egan

John Egan imageAfter years of guiding in some of the worlds most remote areas I have become very analytic about safety. I assess each and every client that would be on our trip to understand who would listen, take unnecessary risks or what may limit their experience. When I read the core principles Ryan lived by, I see it reads almost like a check list for what I looked for in a person.

I wanted folks that would live and love the experience all day and every day, that desire to explore life to it`s fullest means you have no desire to be foolish and sit out the next adventure. If someone is striving to be the best person they can be, I am sure they will take the time to listen and are eager to learn which in turn builds trust among the group. Any one who chooses to work hard while living easy will most likely be more relaxed and therefore able to deal with the ever changing situations that come along with mountaineering and world travel. When looking out for others is on the list the recipe for a safe and communicable team is in place.

I love the message Ryan is handing down to all who will listen. We as ambassadors of this message have a big responsibility to stay safe and true to the core

Be well, be safe, enjoy, Eganbrutha

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