Chuck Mumford

I grew up in Richmond, Vermont and have been skiing since birth. I raced for several years on Mt. Mansfields icy slopes then headed west to pursue racing at the University of Colorado. My adventuresome, easy going attitude and love of powder led me away from the training gates and into the mountains. My competitive side led him to freeskiing competitions where I was hooked after placing 2nd at the Taos Extreme Freeskiing Championships and first place at the Game of GNAR in Squaw Valley in 2010. I now spend most of my time in Snowbird Utah.


I met Ryan when he Lars and I came together like Australians at a ski resort on a trip to Alaska for the World Freeskiing Championships. We stayed after the competition, bought a van for $400 in Anchorage, and then drove to Valdez. We camped out, skied, and rallied the van all over. It broke down on the way home and we hitched to Anchorage for our flights. We became close friends since that trip and continued to travel and ski all over the world.

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